Where we are:

Our home is in the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, Utah.  Being centrally located in the Intermountian West not only gives us an up on quick distribution to the Northwest, West Coast and Midwest.

How We Started:

The birth of Dentico began as we watched the dental supply industry become strongholded by the “big boys”.    Sales reps and aggressive sale tactics were rampant in the industry.  The small dental offices were being left behind paying much higher prices for dental supplies and equipment, while the large practice corporations who could afford the higher prices were offered the much lower prices simply because they were buying in bulk.  Before long, the entire industry was dominated and almost monopolized by only giant supply companies.  Ordering dental supplies should be as easy as getting online, a couple of clicks, fill your basket, check out and receive your supplies.  That is why we started Dentico, and our number one focus is the private practice and small offices that worries day in and day out about keeping overhead down.   We understand the numbers, we understand the dentist’s needs and we understand the bottom line of the little guy.

30 Day Return “no questions asked”

Our top priority is satisfaction and deeply rooted in making the customer happy.  If you receive a product or device, you don’t like it, simply box it back up and send it back.   We will be more than happy to return a new product or return your money and cover the return shipping.  Our reputation for distributing high quality products and creating long-lasting business relationships is our number one and we understand that dealing with inflexible and stringent companies is unpleasant.


Our shipping is our life blood.  Any order placed before 5pm will ship that day, and 3pm on Fridays.  Any purchase over $100 is free shipping.

Contact Us:

The best method to reach us quickly with the best response time is our customer service email.  wes@dentico.com.